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Incredible Afterlife Video!

By Tzvi Fishman
9/6/2009, 12:00 AM

I thought I had seen just about everything there is to see, but this video blew me away. Remember, I wasn’t born a frum religious Jew. I was a part of the Age of Aquarius/Woodstock Generation. My heroes, may G-d forgive me, were Lenny Bruce, Henry Miller, and the Doors. I spent a few too many sordid years as a screenwriting in Hollywood and a novelist in New York. But this video made my hair stand on end. With the Day of Judgment just around the corner, this guy’s true, out-of-body, afterlife adventure is a great way to wake up to the heavy-duty fate awaiting us if we don’t get our acts together now.  

To see it, click on the link and scroll down the page. Your teenagers should see it too.