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Poetry Submission: Ode to my Father by Sam Green

By Ben Bresky
7/16/2009, 12:00 AM

Ode to My Father
by Sam Green

My father told me, of a land, where we once live and dwelled
In our hearts we will remember all our days
Two rivers ran together, and be came one mighty flood
We grew our food, and taught the wisdom to our young

In relative, we lived in peace and harmony
Those enemies cut us down so many times
My father told me, you must use your brains and not your might
And put the flames out, before they rages to far

Though the Russians, had invaded his home town
He join the racks, and came a captain of supply
At the border he wrote home, every day
That its peaceful now, and hope it will last

Then the Germans killed, and bombed six hundred miles
And the army had dispersed, and gone there only way
After walking back to the village, were he was born
Walking three months, as a peasant man in rags

He saw, and was an eye witness, to the murder of three towns
In his heart and soul he said, never again
From the ashes, nechomer his Partisan, became a force
And there was a one hundred thousand marks on his head

I can remember, and still proud to know this man
May he rest in peace, and I hope peace is found
He work so hard, for those people, all around
And live and died, and became a legend of this town

May he rest in peace, and hope that peace is found
May he rest in peace, and hope that peace is found

Sam Green (c.) 2009-02-07