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Poetry Submission: Svietka Ora - Fallen Kingdom

By Ben Bresky
7/9/2009, 12:00 AM

Fallen Kingdom
by Svietka Ora

After signing of a “war” treaty Oct.16,1993

Sitting alone
On top a Judean mountain,
Looking down and beyond,
Feeling like an ancient queen,
Loving the kingdom-
She is about to loose.
Looking up
To the calmness of the sky,
Touching the stars as they stare back,
Bleeding like an ancient warrior,
Loving the country-
He just lost in the battle.
Standing un-sturdy
In the dune sands of a dream,
Grabbing the winds of a loss,
Crying like an ancient people;
Loving the land
They sold to the butcher,
Pound by pound-
Never to nurture it again.


He Has Giveth (Yom Ha’Zikaron)
by Svietka Ora

He gave you fluffy clouds
     As reminder of my hugs.
He gave you big trees
      To conceal yourself from the enemy.
He gave you cold streams to bath in
      After a knight’s long march.
He gave you rain
      To mix in with your tears.
He gave you smiles of children
      To remember in combat.

He gave you the moon and the stars
      To guide you in your battle.
He gave you the smell of earth
      As a reminder of your roots.
He gave you a power of choice
      As in which unit you shall serve.
He gave you a nation
      To belong to and fight for.
He gave you a country
      To die for.
I am not Him!
I can only give you
Yellow flowers
For your grave.


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