Bibi, Off The Tightrope, Two Feet In The Left

Batya Medad ,

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לבן ריק
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Batya Medad
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No surprise. Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minister has joined the Left by adopting their
Bibi's not leading. He's chasing the Left-Led tail
slogan, "two states for two people." I heard it from his very mouth on the news.
"For the first time, we brought a national agreement for the concept of two states for two peoples," he said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

I'm not really surprised. What disappointed me was to hear faux Right Benny Begin make some double-talk excuses for him on Israel's Chanel One.

I am glad that I didn't vote Likud!

A weaker Likud would have been stronger for Israel in the opposition. Last year I heard Bibi say that his aim was to be "center," and I've been blogging about it ever since.

Here's some irony for you. The Israeli media/Left wants us to think that the statement Bibi just made is what the world wants. I've been searching all the big news sites, New York Times, BBC, Fox and now CNN, and zero, nada, nothing about Bibi's cave-in. Maybe there will be something somewhere tomorrow, but if this was considered important news, it would have been posted on the news sites hours ago.

Why haven't Likudniks like Moshe Feiglin reacted? And what about Likud MK's Erdan, Rivlin and Tzippi Hotobilli?

Bibi's not leading. He's chasing the Left-Led tail.