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Israeli and Jewish Music Blogs that Rock

By Ben Bresky
5/17/2009, 12:00 AM

I have been influenced by so many awesome blogs and podcasts out there. When I started blogging about Jewish music there were few. Now there are many. I hope they will continue to grow. Here is some of my favorites. If I missed some, let me know.

Israel Music Events on Facebook - A great update for new Jewish music in Israel.

Jewish Music Report - A great siote with news, interviews, audio and CD reviews focusing on Hasidic and Yeshivish music.

Teruah Jewish Music  - One man's quest to discover a wide mix of Jewish music.

Klezmer Podcast - In depth interviews with klezmer and other world beat Jewish musicians around the world.

Shir Bliss - A new podcast and live radio show from Florida from what appears to be a young hippy hasid who plays a mix of rap and Carlebach inspired new Jewish music.

KlezmerShack - The original klezmer blog with plenty of information on klezmer and Yiddish music.

Blog in Dm - A blog that cheerfully disects hasidic and yishivish music including the famous wedding peeps section of indiosyncratic people you meet at a Jewish wedding.

Metal Israel - A great resource for Israeli and Jewish heavy metal.

Shemspeed -  Concert promoters, record label and blog that promotes and awesome mix of great new  hip Jewish music including rap, rock and jazz.

The Cool Jew - Lots of awesome videos of Avraham Fried and other hasidic musicians.

Jewish Music Review - great reviews of religious, hasidic musicians.

Mostly Music - Buy CDs of hasidic and other musicians here. - buy CDs of Israeli musicians here. A wide selection.

Sameach Jewish Music Podcast - A great podcast that plays religious and hasidic music and smoozes about music, food and more.

Paul Weider - In depth interviews with Jewish musicians.

Klezmer Guy - A new blog from the wry and funny Yiddishe Cup Klemzer Band leader.
Metal Jew - Jewish heavy metal blog

Jewish Music YahooGroups - Email list that discusses new Hasidic and religious Jewish music.

Israel Music YahooGroups - Email list that announces awesome concerts in Israel from journalist and editor Yehudit Singer.

Kfar Center - Concert promoter and great resource for new music.

A Simple Jew - a blog that often has CD reviews of Carlebach inspired and other religious musicians

Nextbook - Podcasts including the awesome Matthue Roth's msuic blog.

Spin Magazine's Spin Earth Israel - Spin's new global music site's Israel section.

Jewish Community Radio -  A great radio show that often interviews musicians.

Jewish Community Radio CD reviews - Some classic CD reviews.

Psycho Toddler - An American Jewish musician that often blog about Jewish music.

Gruntig! - A blog that posts great videos of hasiidc and religious Jewish music.

Life of Rubin - A blog with great CD reviews of hasidic, religious and Carlebach inspired music.

The Beat with Ben Bresky - A great podcast and live internet radio show about new Jewish music featuring live interviews from diverse musicians.

Israel Beat Blog - A blog about Israeli and Jewish music.

Ben Bresky music article archive - a list of all my articles to date.

Let me know if I missed any in the Talkback section!