What Are You Waiting For? Destination: Israel

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Tamar Yonah
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Jews, come home before it is too late.  The Exile is over.  The future of the Jewish People is in Israel, not NY, LA, London, Paris, or Melbourne.  Watch this important video clip.

Worst Economic Collapse Ever


What are you waiting for?

Is it not enough that G-d gave us this land as our inheritance? 

Is it not enough that G-d has made it easier than ever before in the history of the world to make Aliyah?

Is it not enough, that here one can do so many more mitzvoth because we are home in the Holy Land?

Is it not enough that you get financial help and professional guidance, free Hebrew language ulpan, free job training, and free airfare to come home?

Is it not enough that the economy and the standard of living in Israel, though a little less than in Western countries, still lets us live live well enough here? We have supermarkets filled with lucious produce and food.  We have shopping malls, fast food, and entertainment.  We don't starve and we don't have a homeless people problem like in the States.

Is it not enough that the American economy is headed down the drain?  It's president is a globalist, a man of un-American values, a man who has contempt for his own citizens by refusing to show his birth certificate to prove and put to rest that he is indeed eligible to hold the office of the President of the United States, even after numerous lawsuits against him?

Is it not enough that your children who would grow up here would learn their mama-loshen, their REAL mother tongue and speak Hebrew - without an accent?  

Can one imagine Jews scattered all over the world, and we don't even know our own language? We know a foreign language better than our own?  How can we be true Jews living up to our potential when we can't even speak our own language?  What are we perpetuating to our children by giving them this handicap of not knowing their own land, their own language, and their own familiarity of their surroundings with such biblical history?  No, instead we rob of them of their rich heritage and even richer future, by keeping them, holding them like hostages, in foreign lands across the globe, --because we perceive the economic situation is better there, because we perceive it is better to be 'richer' in money, than in mitzvoth.  

Since when does economics top Jewish law?  Jewish identity?  Jewish responsibility, and closeness to HaShem?  The land of Money and Steaks has been toppled.  America's economy is spiraling down faster and faster, and kosher meat is harder to come by with the Agriprocessors in Iowa being prosecuted.  So now it is no money, and no steak.  The obstacles are being removed, yet Jews are still stubbornly staying behind. 

We learn that in Egypt, only 1/5 or 20% of the Jews left with Moshe (Moses) to go to the Promised Land. That means that 80% of the Jews chose to stay behind in Egypt, where they ended up dying in the plague of darkness. Isn't it interesting that 80% of the Jewish population in America voted for B. Hussein Obama?  Choosing him as their messiah/redeemer rather than Moshe and the promised Land?   80% of the Jews in America is the same percentage of Jews who stayed behind choosing Egypt over Israel. 
80% of the Jews in America is the same percentage of Jews who stayed behind choosing Egypt over Israel.

My brothers and sisters, I am not writing this to insult you, hit a nerve for a talk back, or in any way degrade you.  I truly worry about you.  Too many good Jews have died, swallowed up by their host countries.  I just hope you will wake up in time to come home, where G-d wants you, so you will not have to suffer in your foreign lands.  America has been good to the Jews.  But Germany was good at one time too, and so was Spain, etc, etc.

We KNOW that the future of the Jewish People is in Israel.  Therefore we KNOW that G-d will somehow have these foreign lands vomit you out (if you are lucky) like Spain, like Germany, etc…   And if you are smart, you will leave now, while you can still come with some of your blessings.  While you can still come like a mensch.  Do you have a  house?  Sell it and get what you can and come.  Do you have only a car?  Then sell it and come with whatever you can.  Do you only have clothes?  Then pack them up and come with the blessings of whatever you have been given.  

When G-d said to Abraham, "Lech l'cha", Abraham didn't answer, "Ok G-d, I'll come in a few more years time when I can get more money for my tent.  Tent prices are low now, but we expect the market to get better."  Abraham didn't tell G-d, "Ok G-d, in a few years, when my portfolios mature, I'll come".  What did he do instead?   He took with him the blessings that he had AT THAT TIME and left for Israel.  He packed up his possessions, his wife, his family, and all that he had, and he left.   Abraham didn't wait.  

How many more hints, cues, and cajoling do you need?  The Torah tell us that Israel is our home.  To remain in the Exile today, when everything points that you should be here building and making a life and planting your seed here, establishing your family here, raising your children and grandchildren here, - why would you listen to nay-sayers, excuse makers, and the 'establishment'?  People lie and leaders lie.  The economy will NOT get better for you.  G-d is preparing the world for redemption, and we have to let go of our overly materialistic mindset.  We have to purge ourselves of the money mindset and cling to true values, family, history, future and righteousness.  Obama tells you to have hope and that he will spread the wealth?  The government tells you to just pay more taxes and bail others out and things will get better?  Why would anyone believe these people?  The Torah tells the truth.  Listen to what G-d says, that is the only truth in this veiled world.  What Are You Waiting For?

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