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Diaspora Jews Lead Kadima toward Victory

By Tzvi Fishman
2/11/2009, 12:00 AM

If 100,000 Israel National News readers had been here to vote for rightest parties, instead of passively waiting to learn the election results from their fleshpots in the Diaspora, Israel would be a much stronger and safer country today.

"Any news about the Israeli elections?"

Those extra 100,000 votes (worth 4 Knesset seats) would have given the national Zionist camp an overwhelming majority that would have allowed Israel to stand strong against its enemies, instead of bowing down to international demands.

I am not talking about Diaspora Jews who would like to live here in Israel, but who simply can’t make aliyah for whatever true reason. I am referring to my brothers and sisters who could come, but don’t.    

Now, no matter who forms the next government, the Land of Israel is faced with the very grave danger of being carved up again. All because of those readers of INN, lovers of Israel who could have been here to vote, but who prefer to live their lives in foreign lands, trying not to look too Jewish when they go out of their homes, so that they can rub elbows with the goyim.

Well, not everything is lost. At least, Thank G-d, it’s raining.