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Shut Up! Free Speech Is Dead.

By Tamar Yonah
1/21/2009, 12:00 AM

Jihad Watch reports that charges are being brought against Geert Wilders for making a film about Muslim violence and intolerance, called FITNA. They are calling the movie, 'hate speech'.

The Dutch court, apparently after relentless pressure from Muslim groups, are to prosecute Wilders.  So much for the right of 'free speech'.  But Islamic rulers and countries mostly do not tolerate freedom of speech, or women's rights, or human rights, or children's rights, or religious freedom, etc... 

Wilders showed actual photos of what Muslim groups have done to their own people, as well as other violent and intolerant acts against others.   His desire to show the truth of what is happening in Europe and around the world today may land him in a Dutch prison. Wilders is in the Dutch parliament.  If he can be locked up for making a 16 minute video like this, what will the average citizen have to face who doesn't have fame and protekzia going for him?  

I interviewed Geert Wildrs a few weeks ago on my show.  He has been to Israel more times than I have, and loves it here.  He even lived here on a kibbutz when he was younger and has Jews in his family.  He is a friend of Israel.

Watch the video yourself, and tell me if you think this man, a Dutch parliamentarian who wants to keep his country free from Islamic violence and influence, should be put away.  What will be next?  Who will be next on the alter in the name of 'political correctness' which trampled good ol' 'free speech' ?  

What world are we leaving our children when Muslims can hold signs saying they are going to kill us, yet the person who exposes these acts, is the one to be prosecuted for hate crimes?

Warning:  This video is extremely graphic.


If video doesn't play, click HERE.