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Modern Bandage Winding

By Batya Medad
1/6/2009, 12:00 AM

With today's accepted norms of cleanliness, people who want to help the troops on the frontlines don't wind bandages, but there's plenty to do.

Yesterday, I joined dozens of men, women, youth and children packing A Package from Home. The logistics of the undertaking are tremendous, as was the enthusiasm of the packers. We met at 1pm at the Beit Knesset HaNasi in Rechavia, Jerusalem. We were told that we had to be finished by 4pm, and that there would be eight hundred, 800, packages. By 2:30 the packing was completed and the room was being returned to it's synagogue set-up.

The photos didn't load to the blog; I'll post them on Shiloh Musings, G-d willing, but here are a few videos of the packing. They should give you a good idea of what a tremendous mitzvah this organization, A Package from Home, does.