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Yes, It's A War

By Batya Medad
12/30/2008, 12:00 AM

At least the enemy is treating it like a war and attacking on all fronts. Southern Israel is being blitzed by Arab terrorists who launch missiles at us.

Innocent Israeli civilians are being killed and injured, their homes damaged, their peace of mind destroyed.  Many of those in the crosshairs are Disengagement DP's, presently living in flimsy cardboard faux villas, creatively named by Kadima founders, "carravillas."  They are among those now blogging on Shiloh Musings.  I consider it a good contrast to my overwhelming cynicism concerning this Election Campaign War.

In other parts of the country, Arab terrorists are attacking civilians.

And Israel continues to shtopp the Gazans with food and other supplies.  Even worse, we're welcoming the wounded into our hospitals, instead of telling them and their families that they must pressure their leaders to end the terrorism. It's dangerous and perverse to be so kind to enemies. The Gazans supply the terrorists with supplies and recruits. The terrorists are Arabs, nor Martians.

This is no chess game. It's for real. The attitude of the government and media remind me of the days when war was a sport, entertainment and people would bring chairs and parasols to watch the battles.

The Arabs want to destroy us and they're not shy about saying so. The only effective defense is to destroy the the terrorists, their leaders and their supplies!

Refuah Shleimah
A Complete Recovery
To All Our Injured