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Big Barry - Put Up or Shut Up!

By Tzvi Fishman
12/3/2008, 12:00 AM

It's midnight at the Peace House in Hevron. The army has closed off the area. Inside the house are hundreds of spirited, beautiful, holy, idealistic young Jews, waiting for the cops to arrive. Most of them study Torah; some listen to guys with guitars; others are crashed out in sleeping bags on the floor.


"THIEVES" Barak and Supreme Court Chief Judge, Banish

Today, I made 5 jumbo 3X4 meter signs and hung them up tonight from the roof of the building.

G-d Gave Israel to the Jews

So Barry - if you want to help - the signs cost me $1500. Some good Jews from Toronto are sending $500. You can have a part of the mitzvah too. If you are too over-committed with your other charities to help with this one, at least send me a hot pastrami with mustard on rye via the next El Al flight out of Kennedy. It's freezing up here on the roof and I have humous coming out of my ears. 

This is Tzvi Fishman, from Hevron, still dreaming about pastrami.