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Women in Green Call Upon All Friends of Israel

By Tamar Yonah
12/1/2008, 12:00 AM

* I am posting this urgent letter from heoric Jewish lovers of the Land of Israel.


Dear Friends,

We here in Bet Hashalom are receiving information and are even witnessing that over the past 12 hours many Border Police are flowing to Hevron. There is certainly great reason to worry that the authorities are planning the expulsion from Bet Hashalom in the next 24-48 hours.

It is therefore of utmost importance to come and strengthen Bet Hashalom with your presence. The more people in Bet Hashalom, the more the authorities will think twice whether to expel or not.

But even those of you who live outside Israel can do a lot TODAY to save Bet Hashalom !

Women in Green call upon all friends of Israel abroad to call, TODAY, the Israeli Embassy/Consulate nearest your home with the following message:
(the text is obviously just a suggestion, each and one of you will phrase it the way he wants.)

Phone message to Israeli Embassy and consulate:

“I am outraged over the government threat to expel Jews from Bet Hashalom in Hebron.

I promise that if the government forces the Jews out of Bet Hashalom, I and my friends will see this as a crime against the Jewish People, and we will do whatever we can to prevent any representative of the Israeli government, including the military, from appearing at our …(synagogue, church, organization, lodge…).

If you want to lose the only friends you have left in America, then by all means, expel the Jews from Bet Hashalom. We’ll see how far your government can operate without US support.

I love Israel but your actions and anti-Jewish policy are a threat to the Jewish People in its Homeland. On the eve of national elections in Israel, I realize we must do everything to bring down those of you who are giving a hand to the Arab enemy by uprooting Jews from the Land of Israel.

I repeat: do not touch the Jews from Bet Hashalom! Instead, send the IDF to fight the Arabs who daily attack the Jews living in the Negev and in Sderot/Ashkelon by launching kassams from Hamastan in Gaza."

* * * *

You might not realize how much influence such phone calls have. Each phone call makes a difference. Be polite but very firm.

The list of the Israeli embassies can be found by clicking on:

With Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar - Nadia Matar - Anita Finkelstein
Women in Green

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