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Could This New Political Party Be IT!?!

By Batya Medad
11/20/2008, 12:00 AM

The old National Religious Party, was never my political party.  And when their election slogan was "returning home," it didn't speak to me either.  I was in NCSY, SSSJ and Betar, not Bnai Akiva.

I think that the same public relations people who told Moetzet YESHA that by adding a few new board members it could convince the public that it wasn't to be blamed for the failure to prevent Disengagement is now  working for MK Zevulen Orlev, NRP.
Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael!  The Land of Israel for Jews!

I'm not that dumb.  I didn't fall for the cosmetics, the face lift, nose job, botox and silicon then, and I won't fall for it this time.  Just changing the party's name and allowing a couple of people not officially dati on the list doesn't change things at all.  The same old NRP people are running it

There are people hoping to make a more unified and heterogenous pro-Jewish and Eretz Yisrael party by combining the NRP and Arieh Eldad and Baruch Merzel.  Now, that would be interesting.  If Chanan Porat and the Bayit Leumi leaders would join, too, it would be great.  I could vote for that.  It would compete with the Likud, and maybe Feiglin would then lobby within the Likud for a coalition with this new party, and then Bibi Netanyahu will realize that the people want a right wing leader and not a center one.

Eretz Yisrael L'Am Yisrael

The Land of Israel for Jews!