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Listening To Mike is Suicide

By Tzvi Fishman
11/11/2008, 12:00 AM

We have already answered Mike's demented mantra that "aliyah is suicide." But since there are always newcomers to the blog, we will answer it once again, lest his bitter, poisonous sputum influence some innocent soul. 

Thank G-d that our forefather Avraham didn't answer "aliyah is suicide" when Hashem told him to go to the Land. After all, Israel was filled with idol worshipping savages at the time. Getting there was dangerous, there was a famine in the Land, no Nefesh B Nefesh organization to help him, and Avraham would have to start all over again in order to make a living. In those days, coming to Israel was far more dangerous and difficult than it is today. But Avraham wasn't afraid. Avraham wasn't a coward. Avraham wasn't a bitter, broken old man.

Avraham trusted in G-d, and that makes all the difference.