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Beit HaShalom Update

By David Wilder
11/4/2008, 12:00 AM

Last week Hebron's Jewish community presented the Supreme Court with new evidence, an audio cassette, with a recording of the seller of Beit HaShalom telling a friend that he received full compensation for the building and that he was also paid by the buyer to make certain renovations in the building. The court has yet to react to this evidence.

In addition, fifty Knesset members, including members of the Kadima party, signed a letter to attorney general Manny Mazuz, requesting that he reinvestigate the sale of the building in light of the new evidence, and in the mean time, refrain from ordering expulsion of the Jews living there.

Yesterday afternoon, due to various reports received, there was a possibility that the building was about to be evacuated. Hundreds of people, including many youth arrived immediately in order to be present should an expulsion be attempted. Thankfully the attempt to expel the Jewish residents did not occur.

However, an emergency meeting of Hebron and Kiryat Arba leaders, together with other Yesha activists, was held last night. One of the decisions made was to call for a large continuous presence in the building.