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Surprise Matisyahu concert in Jerusalem!

By Ben Bresky
10/8/2008, 12:00 AM

Aaron Dugan, Matisyahu's guitarist is on a small tour here in Israel. At his show last night in Jerusalem, he brought along Matisyahu as a surprisesuprise guest. Somehow, without any advertising, word got around. An hour before the show, the place was already packed, with as many people outside the small club as inside. 

The Grammy nominated, Billboard chart topping Jewish singer performed music from Shattered, his new upcoming short album as well as hits like Jerusalem and King Without a Crown.

I got some photos, videos an interview with Aaron Dugan, who has his own unique jazz style. They two met at the New School, an elite jazz and music college in New York. Another fellow student and friend of theirs was Israeli jazz musician Daniel Zamir.

The scene outside Avram, a new club next to the shuk on Jaffa street was like a festival. I saw Aaron Razel, Yerachmiel Zeigler and dozens of other local musicians hanging around outside. One guy said he has just come from kaparot and still had some stains on his pants to prove it.

Stay tuned for more audio and video from the scene. In the meantime, check out Aaron Dugan's web site or catch him Thursday after Yom Kippur at Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv. Also, check out my old interview with Matisyahu here.