Comeuppance for Ami Ayalon

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Talk about comeuppance!


Ayalon on left. not to be confused with Mussolini, on right

Ami Ayalon, the ultra-leftist cabinet minister without portfolio (meaning without a job) and composer of his own program for Israeli annihilation to rival the “Geneva Misunderstandings” program of Yossi Beilin, was almost arrested this week in Holland for “war crimes.” See this. Seems the Dutch believed a local Palestinian terrorist who filed a court claim in which he alleges that he had been “tortured” by Ayalon when the latter ran the SHABAK. Never mind that Ayalon is far better known for appeasing Palestinians than torturing them and has never heard of a terrorist demand to which he does not wish to capitulate.

Now the Israeli far Left has long been lobbying European anti-Semites to arrest and try Israeli public figures as “war criminals.” In some cases Israeli officers were prevented from entering European countries lest they be arrested, thanks to the campaigns of vilification by Israeli far leftists against them. Consider the malicious campaign of Israel-hating and Norman Finkelstein shilling leftist lecturer Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University against his own army officer Aviv Kochavi (see this). General Kochavi had to cancel plans to study in Britain thanks to Gordon’s false slanders against him (see also this)

Now the idea that far leftists themselves are now being targeted by the Eurotrash Israel bashers is truly delicious. Indeed, if this new trend continues, it could save Israel from destruction. Let’s send the entire leadership of Meretz, Gush Shalom, Betselem, and Ben Gurion University to Holland and let the local jihadocracy indict them all as war criminals! It just might produce peace!

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In photo, Israeli hero Aviv Kochavi, vilified by anti-Israel extremist Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University.

Completely unrelated  - Haaretz reports that a new movie has opened in Italy about Jews who run around scalping anti-Semites.  I do not know why I was reminded of that.