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The Flyer is More Than "Fishy". It Stinks

By Yisrael Medad
9/29/2008, 12:00 AM

Here's the flyer left at the scene of the domestic terror attack at Prof. Sternhell's house:

My observations after reviewing it:

1.  There is no ב"ה or בס"ד, usual heading of religious persons writing.  Those abbreviations mean "with God's help".  And the word מספיק - "enough" is odd.  Youngsters would use די!

2.  The signature "the Army of the Statist Liberators" is ridiculous.  The whole concept of ממלכתי, i.e., supporting the state, is anathema to the radical nationalist right.

3.  Why announce an award of 1.1 million NIS?  1.1???  Why an odd number?  What was that, a typo?

4.  The state of Israel is described as the "dream" (חלום) of the past 2000 years.  Religious/nationalists would use the word "vision" (חזון).

5.  In the list of weapons that Israel has handed over to the PA is included מכונות ירי (and why not יריה?) which is a fairly archaic term for machine guns which may indicate someone over 65.  A youngster who has actually served in the army would use תת-מקלעים or straight out קלצ'ניקובים - Klatchnikovs.

6.  The use of the Hebrew term for "Palestinians" is פלשתינאים which is not usual.  Either פלסטינים or ערבים - Arabs would have been used.

7.  The inclusion of amongst the "sins" of the state of Israel of abortion encouragement would indicate perhaps Hareidi groups, not nationalists.

8.  The same for the inclusion of encouragement of "gay pride parades".

9.  The use of מלכות יהודה - Kingdon of Judea, instead of the Kahanist demand for מדינת יהודה - State of Judea, also indicates to me Hareidi or GSS composition.

10.  Sternhell isn't mentioned in the flyer and the addition of the 1.1 NIS reward for the murder of Peace Now leaders is in a different typeface, as if tacked on later to the original flyer.

Something is fishy.

This needs more study.