Non-Jewish musicians who love Israel - Sabaton, iTunes

Ben Bresky,

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לבן ריק
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Ben Bresky
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Here is an email I received about Sabaton, who recently performed here in Israel and had a nice article about them in the Jerusalem Post.

Topic: Heavy metal 'hasbara'

Hi Ben, Have you ever played this music on The Beat (I ask rhetorically)? Being 64 years old, it's not my type of music but when I read the lyrics, I was sold. If you do play this song, however, I would advise first reading the lyrics to the listening audience (in your best poet-reading voice). ;-) I also just came across Sabaton's "In The Name of God" at The lyrics are embedded in the video itself. Hmmm, I wonder if Walter would feed you chocolate for these two songs. Bet you he would! You might even turn him into a heavy-metal fan!

Regards, Gary (Gershon)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Well, Gershon, I also just discovered Sabaton, and enjoyed their song Counterstrike which praises Israel's victory in the Six Day War. Here is one of the several videos for it (another one has lyrics). I'm actually disappointed that I never heard of them before because I was proud of the fact that I knew every obscure pro-Jewish song by non-Jewish artists. And now it seems one has slipped by my radar. So here is my new Israel National Radio iTunes iMix in which I tracked down as many as I could. The current iMix includes both non-Jewish musicians, musicians of Jewish heritage in the mainstream world, and Israeli musicians. I am in the process of making several iMixs. If you can think of any more or have any iTunes suggestion, let me know.