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Did He Say S@x?

By Tzvi Fishman
7/9/2008, 12:00 AM
On our previous blog, a Talkbacker suggested that sexual holiness is only for super tzaddikim and not for the normal Internet Jew. He writes: 
"It seems to me that most of the material on the website is intended for Torah scholars and people who aspire to be holy tzaddikim, and not for the average Jew. In fact, lots of these laws and recommended behaviors seem so far out of reach, I’d rather not even know about them."


In the Torah portion, “Kedoshim,” the Torah states: “And the L-rd spoke to Moshe, saying, Speak to all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say to them, You shall be holy, for I the L-rd your G-d am holy.” Rashi explains this command to be holy to mean: “Distance yourselves from incest and sexual transgression, for every place that you find a fence preventing a sexual transgression, you find holiness” (Vayikra, 19:1).

Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein points out that from the language of the Torah verse, the commandment to be holy is not directed just to select tzaddikim, but rather “to all the congregation of the children of Israel.” Thus, a person cannot say, “I am just an ordinary Jew. This doesn’t apply to me.” Everyone must strive for sanctity in their sexual lives, and everyone is obligated to fulfill this commandment. Why? Because, “I the L-rd your G-d am holy.” Just as G-d is holy, we are holy. He created the Jewish People to be His unique holy nation. Hashem has planted within each and every one of us, special attributes and powers so that every Jew can live up to being holy.

Thus, we all have it in our genes, from our having a Jewish soul, and from the inheritance we received from our holy forefathers, to be holy. Not only individual tzaddikim can reach these heights, but all of us can, for we are a holy nation and a kingdom of Kohanim.

This means that we are to keep away from things like adultery, pre-marital s@x, homos@xuality, masturb@tion, or@l s@x, s@x with non-Jews, s@xual gymnastics, s@x during niddah, s@x in the light, s@x without being covered, s@xual fantasies, s@xual websites, and the like.

Hashem commanded all of the Jewish People in this, and Hashem does not give us commandments that our beyond our reach. Hard work is needed. Sometimes sacrifice. But to say that one cannot do it is to surrender to one’s evil inclination without even putting up a fight.