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Medinat Weimar

By David Wilder
7/8/2008, 12:00 AM
A unique new idea has been proposed by one Ronen Eidelman: Medinat Weimar, translated into simple English, the State of Weimar.

The idea, espoused at suggests establishment a Jewish state in Thuringia, Germany, with the city of Weimar as its capital.

Interesting, no? I sent in a comment (which was rejected because 'comments has been closed'), saying that I agree 100% that creation of a new state in Germany be established, but not for the Jews, rather for the Arabs. It is supposed to be a beautiful area, with a multitude of natural resources. Let all the Arabs from Israel go over there and dig for oil. We'll stay here and live without the oil.

Besides which, the Germans and Arabs have a long history of cooperation. Amin El-Husseini met with Hitler in Berlin, during which they planned out the 'final solution' which included annihilation of the Jews living in Israel.

If it goes really well maybe the German wax museum with a real-life statue of Hitler will add a figurine of the Mufti too.

Should my idea be rejected, I would suggest a pilot trial period, including Peres (President of the new state) Olmert, (Prime Minister of the new state) and a couple of hundred thousand others, to test out the area. One hundred years would seem to me to be a reasonable amount of time to determine if the Jewish Weimar state has any future.