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The Parade That Nobody Came To Watch

By Tamar Yonah
6/27/2008, 12:00 AM

Well, it was grueling for me.  I went to report on the IM-PURrade (Gay Pride parade) that took place in the Holy City of Jerusalem today.  Just driving there hurt me.  The colorful rainbow flags were already up, hanging from the city's light poles along King David Street, and it stung.  Security forces were everywhere.  I cringed thinking that a sex parade would soon be flaunting itself down the street with its marchers wearing smiles of victory that they can bring their private lives of what they do in their bedrooms, into our public streets.

The only good thing was, that it mimicked last year's parade, in that no one really showed up to view their 'pride'. The streets were empty, and it seems that Jerusalemites de-facto boycotted the event, yet again.

To tell the truth, almost everyone on the sidelines were either security forces or the media.  I took some photographs which I will post below.

Agron Street.  The marchers begin their parade, but there are no onlookers, just security forces and a few media people with cameras.

Above & Below:  Empty streets.  In the far back is the begining of the parade with its marchers.

In front of the YMCA and the King David Hotel. Hark!  It looks like a few tourists (11 people?) from the hotel came to view the parade. 

The marchers arrive.  Notice the child on top of the shoulders of the man in the red T-shirt.  I saw a few children and dogs brought to march in the parade.  Some Israeli MKs are trying to pass a law that children cannot be brought to march in these parades.

The photo above shows a sign in Arabic, as Arabs march as well. Some of the marchers were chanting and clapping, "Homophobia is a disease."

Behind the tail end of the parade, with police on horseback.  But still, the streets remain empty of onlookers.  They didn't have an audience.

How disapointing it must be to have a parade, if no one shows up to watch it???  Maybe our brothers and sisters here will get the message, that we are not interested in viewing or hosting parades which flaunt deviant sexual lifestyles.