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Ben Bresky,

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לבן ריק
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Ben Bresky
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So what has been on my mp3 player lately (or as we call it in Israel, mpShalosh)? Well, you may laugh, but I listen to Israel National Radio podcasts on my way home from Israel National Radio. Why not? They're good. 

But I know you want to hear about music. I have fallen in love with the song Like the Wind by David D'or. It's ethereal and haunting and I listened to it almost every day this week. You can listen to it at his web site here. David D'or has an powerful opera voice and has performed with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. He represented Israel in the Eurovision song contest in 2004. Here's a YouTube video of him singing a Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach song. Our own Walter Bingham interviewed David D'or a year or so ago and you can read it here.

I used to have an old record album from the 1970s from another David D'or. He sang traditional Jewish-Yemenite songs like Im Nin Alu. But they are two separate people. The current David D'or is performing tonight at Bridge of Strings opening ceremony in Jerusalem along with Yishai Lapidot. For more on the excellent Yishai Lapidot of Oif Simchas, click here.

I also just got the new Infected Mushroom disc and have been listening to that a lot. My favorite song is called Heavyweight, a 10 minute instrumental track that mixes trance with heavy metal guitars for a dreamy, psychedelic, grinding sound. Those crazy Israeli trance DJs... gotta love them. Actually, people around the world do. They have a track on the soundtrack to the new movie You Don't Mess with the Zohan. To read my old interview with them click here.

I also got an email about a new concert series in the town of Tapuach, featuring some great musicians I have interviewed in the past.

"Open invitation to join us for Shabbat in Tapuach or at least at our weekly Saturday night Live Melaveh Malka concerts featuring talentied perfomers and a wonderful experience - we are trying to keep our weekly Shabbatons and Melaveh Malka's going - Last week we had Dov Shurin and Ben Levine - This week we are scheduled to have Binyamin Nakonechny a young and talented artist.

To join us or to help sponsor a Shabbat in Tapuach please email JewishLegion@aol.com. Here are the links from the last two Tapuach Concerts - Melaveh Malka.
Dov Shurin and Ben Levine
Yerachmiel "Rocky" Ziegler"