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Olmert--The Higher He Goes, The Harder He'll Fall

By Batya Medad
6/22/2008, 12:00 AM
Each time Olmert gets away with something, whether a statement or crime, he feels stronger and more invulnerable to the laws the rest of us have to watch out for. His latest outburst is just causing me to shrug.

Olmert: Era of mass Aliya is at an end

Olmert outlines to Jewish Agency Board of Governors his vision of a new Israel-Diaspora relationship.

We've gone beyond anything normal or expected. They is so much Teflon on him. Nothing has stuck so far.

But you know about cooking with Teflon, don't you? Once it starts "to go" it can't be fixed or polished. It's not like stainless steel; some bleach and scrubbing will make it look like new. If you put Teflon in a moist closet it will go moldy. Bleach and scrubbing will only make it worse.

Ol' Teflon Olmert will soon be in the trash.

Shavua Tov--Have a Great Week!