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Daklon - Master of Yemenite Israeli Pop

By Ben Bresky
6/22/2008, 12:00 AM

So once I was hanging out at the Irish pub near Ben Yehuda street with my friend David. Not the new big Irish pub that plays American music, but the small one that plays Israeli music and lets you throw the sunflower seed shells on the floor. David asked me how come I never play Daklon on my show. And I told him I had never heard of Daklon before.

Well David couldn’t believe it. He started asking random strangers if they had ever heard of Daklon. This went on both in the bar and after we got out on the street. We stopped about three different people and they all paused and said they didn’t think they knew him until David prodded them a little bit, and then they replied, "oh, oh yeah, I think I remember him."

So it appears Daklon isn’t exactly the latest hit, but he he does have an impressive career with Mizrachi style hits like the Yemenite classic Ayelet Chen, and Hana'le Hitbalelah. If you're into Mediterranean Israeli music from the 1970s like Zion Golan and Zohar Argov, then Daklon is perfect for you.

I later saw that Daklon was playing at one of the Hebron music festival indicating that he's still performing. I was able to contact his manager, but was informed that Daklon doesn’t speak any English and the interview would probably not work out.

I forgot all about it until last week when David called me up. He was at a wedding and guess who the wedding singer was... So one day soon, I’m going to interview Daklon, with David as my translator. Stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s a great video I found of the one and only Daklon. Enjoy.