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"Innocent People Should Never Talk To The Police"

By Tamar Yonah
6/20/2008, 12:00 AM

As nations of the world are becoming more and more like a police state, I thought it would be helpful to direct you to two videos that a listener of mine sent me,  BEFORE it might be censored or removed from the internet.  If you can download these videos, I suggest you do so. 

Hypothetical situation:  Police officer Jones makes an arrest.  He fills out his paperwork and it goes into a file.  At the end of the year, he wants to show his superiors that out of the 500 arrests he made that year, all or most of the 500 of them were convicted.  If he makes more arrests than were convicted, that would look bad on his record now, wouldn't it?  He is motivated to nail you, and he has almost unlimited resources to do so.

Without mentioning names, there was a pamphlet that was sent out over the internet telling Israelis what their rights are if they are arrested and questioned by the Israeli security services.  The pamphlet also revealed many of the tricks detectives and security forces use to help get a guilty verdict on a person they have arrested.  It was fascinating to say the least, and very educational. That pamphlet seems to be removed from the internet.

The tricks, lies and intimidation that cops use, work.  It takes a very strong person to resist the urge to talk.  But you musn't.  I know stories that show proof of this, where innocent people benefited from remaining silent. But that is for another blog …perhaps.

The video below is of Criminal Defense Attorney and Prof. James Duane.  He explains (in a very entertaining way) why innocent people should never talk to the police.  He speaks fast, so listen closely and listen to it all.  The lecture is about 27 minutes long but worth every minute.  After Prof. Duane speaks, he is followed by officer George Bruch from the Virginia Beach police department.   Bruch has been an investigator (and interrogator) for approx. 28 years, he concurs with the advice that innocent people should never talk to the police.