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Musicians of Ben Yehuda Street, Jerusalem

By Ben Bresky
6/17/2008, 12:00 AM

I was in the car with Ari & Jeremy coming home from Arutz Sheva and I asked them to dropped me off by Ben Yehuda Street. I thought that would be convenient for me, but it turned out I had to walk further then usual. But I had my camera with me so I took the opportunity to get video of some of the many street musicians. Here it is:

Yesterday I wrote an article about the Professional Women's Theater, who are having their gala end-of-the-year performance this Thursday featuring Shuly Natan. You can read it here:

You can read an old interview I did with Shuly Natan here:

In my last blog entry, some guy commented that he prefers classical and light jazz. So I thought I would make a list of some Jewish classical and light jazz for him. Any suggestions?