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Jerusalem Day

By Batya Medad
6/3/2008, 12:00 AM

This year Jerusalem Day feels different, sort of empty. I think making it a holiday was a mistake. It was
I'm willing to celebrate a SIX DAYS WAR VICTORY DAY, but not Jerusalem Day
established after the great, miraculous victory of the Six Days War.

Why a mistake? Because it established a ranking, a division of importance between the Old Walled City of Jerusalem and all of the other Holy Land we liberated as the result of that war, that war which the Arabs planned as a means to destroy us, throw us into the sea. That's a critical, tragic, potentially fatal mistake; and I wrote that in present tense for a reason.

Today we're suffering for that mistake.

Only the liberation of the Kotel area is celebrated, not the liberation of Hebron, Shiloh, Bethlehem, the Jordan Valley and Shechem. All the government wanted, at most, was the Kotel and enough of the Old City to give Jews access. That's why they are so confident that there's nothing wrong in offering our enemies our Land. The Zionist establishment never really wanted it. When perfectly healthy quadruplets are born to parents who wanted "just one," do they give the "extra three" to an orphanage?

I'm willing to celebrate a SIX DAYS WAR VICTORY DAY, but not Jerusalem Day. I'm willing to celebrate our survival.

An old friend whose son was murdered in a terror attack considers her children and grandchildren, ken yirbu--may there be many more, her revenge. This picture says it:

thanks to a.b.e
And this picture shows something special I saw recently in Jerusalem's Bus station, a Holy vending machine selling religious books.