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This Hurts

By Yisrael Medad
6/1/2008, 12:00 AM

This is a view of Neveh Dekalim today:-


From an Haaretz story:-

One person who visited Gaza last week says that the Netzarim settlement, for example, has been completely wiped off the face of the earth and the area where it stood is now desolate. Aside from the empty streets and hothouses, he said, nothing is left. Not even the rubble of the houses...

...Palestinian merchants are using the Kfar Darom area as a market; the Rafiah Yam settlement in the Katif Bloc is being used by Palestinian fishermen; and open areas between the settlements have been turned into Hamas military compounds, which most residents of the Strip do not enter either.

...The buildings in the Neve Dekalim settlement, which was the largest in the Katif Bloc, were mostly left without windows and doors. Two structures that remained were put to use, however: The settlement's local council building and school have been converted into premises for Al-Aqsa University, which was renovated and is operated by the PA. A mosque has been built nearby and Hamas guards are posted at the entrance to the campus to ensure that students do not bring in any weapons.

And so, 1000+ days after the expulsion and several hundreds of Qassma rockets and Grad missiles later, Ehud Olmert and Co. would have us presume that peace and security and economic prosperity and coexistence are just around the corner.

Actually, the only thing that seems sure is Olmert's disengagement from power and position.

Is a cell his next location?