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The Key to Happy, Healthy Living

By Tzvi Fishman
5/25/2008, 12:00 AM
The Torah portion, Bechukotai, is known as the portion of rebuke. The portion begins with G-d’s promise that if the Jews observe the commandments of the Torah, prosperity, blessing, and peace will befall them. However, if they turn away from the Torah, G-d warns them that terrible curses and sufferings will be their fate - they will be pursued and ravaged by their enemies and forcibly expelled from the Land into exile where they will be relentlessly persecuted and decimated.

The saintly Tzaddik and holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Yaacov Abuchatzera, z’tzal, grandfather of the holy Baba Sali, z’tzal, explains this Torah portion as referring to sexual transgressions, known as transgressions of the Brit.

Since these matters are the very foundation of Judaism and of a happy, healthy life, we encourage brave readers to see his essay in full.
Readers are also encouraged to look over chapters on our site that deal with starting out on a path of rectification and tikun.
The real problem facing us isn't Olmert, the self-hating leftist media, and a tired national camp. The problem is the underlying spiritual malaise that is caused through our transgressions. Olmert and his like are merely the whipping rods that Hashem has sent throughout our history to bring us back to the Torah. When a dog is bringing whacked with a stick, he bites at the stick, not realizing that it is being swung by its master. If we only bark at the stick and ignore our Master, we won't get anywhere, not with orange ribbons and not with guns. Like it or not, that's the truth, and the sooner we face it the better. 
"It's all Olmert's fault!"

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