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TK Says It All

By Tzvi Fishman
5/22/2008, 12:00 AM

Mike, if not Eretz Israel then where? We are all going to die sometime and 
at 61, I'm only half way thru my life expectancy, so anything sooner is 
definitely a bummer. However, things aren't looking good for Jews in 
the US so where do we make our stand? The banks of the Potomac or the 
banks of the Jordan? If American Jews are just going to Israel to get 
more house for their dollar, and as here, expect the government to do 
everything for them, well, I don't completely blame you for calling 
them lemmings. Israel is far from a magic bullet to fix all our galut 
mistakes or get us even more goodies than we had here. It takes 
commitment and dedication to survive in Eretz Israel until Mashiach 
comes. The truth is it takes dedication and commitment to live as a 
Jew anywhere and even as a non-Jew if you want to do it with integrity 
and purpose.

The Diaspora Jews aren't listening. I had a Syrian Jewish woman of 
advanced years tell me just this past weekend, that it will never 
happen here because in America we have Congress and a President!  This 
is a woman who sees herself as religious. Ok, I agree but who is her 

She was amazed that we want to return to Israel rather than enjoy all 
the "blessings" of Miami. I see no purpose in anyone dedicated to 
Eretz Israel remaining here to try to convince those who don't want to 
see. The door is barred and the window is almost closed. In a few 
months it will be too late.  Those who love Israel need to return now 
and FIGHT for her. In that I agree with Mike. Don't just sit and wait 
for a "good" government to arise. Make it happen. When Nehemiah 
returned with the Babylonian exiles, they built the  Temple with their 
builder's tools in one hand and a sword in the other.  That should be 
our example.

I for one am not a lemming. I know the risks of both places. I don't 
like governments, period, but until my King comes I must cope with 
what our corporate sin has brought upon us. I choose to risk life with 
purpose and meaning in Israel rather than a life of futility that 
could well be cut short for no more than a hit of crystal meth or the 
violent reaction of a uniquely American sociopathic personality who 
projects his pathology unto me one unfortunate day.

That’s what I have to say.