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Guest Blogger - Rob, usa

By Tzvi Fishman
5/5/2008, 12:00 AM

I am better suited for writing technical articles on my companies web site explaining the functions of  modern motor vehicle systems and related technologies. In fact I have spent most of my adult life in study of the chemistry, engineering, mathematics, computer science, electronics, metallurgy behind this technology. I and others consider myself an expert in this field. I am much better at re-engineering an electrical circuit for better performance and reliability than I would ever be at explaining why Aliyah is important, But I will give it a shot.
I am not an expert in Torah, in fact,  I became interested and aroused after my grandmother, who was an orthodox Jew, passed away. I will spare you the details of my family history as I am sure others have far more interesting and amazing stories.  When I hear people who say Aliyah is suicide, and accuse the faithful Jews of Israel of doing nothing, I find it offensive and demeaning  to those who first and foremost, pioneered the modern state of Israel, and those who choose to obey the mitzvah. As I stated, I am not an expert but I do not recall Hashem telling us to wait until those who are already in the land,  "fix all the problems there" before we have to obey His command,  common sense would indicate otherwise.
I have read long eloquent Talk back's explaining all the reasons for not making Aliyah, some of the reasons actually make sense when looked at from a secular, humanistic view. yes rockets continue to fall on towns in the Negev, security forces are to be withdrawn from  the so called settlement area's, leaving the jewish who live there without protection, but I am not  in any way discouraged or seriously alarmed by these reports, Why?, because every Jew I have met from the land of Israel has an inner peace and optimism that could only come from living in the land. I have neither of these things in my life, sure, I can make as much money equal to the amount of effort put forth, but money does not bring peace. I live in a nice place in the foothills of a western mountain range, very beautiful country, but it somehow does not even compare in my mind, to  a picture of any town in Israel where Jews are living.
 To call me a fool, or tell me it is suicide to make Aliyah, and to not drag others down with me when they do not know my motivation and dedication to my ideology, and my fellow Jews, is a very presumptuous and arrogant, and in itself  foolish. This is a personal decision, an agreement to follow Hashem and obey his laws, something that is very difficult in the Diaspora. I have to ask myself, am I responsible in part for holding up redemption?.what purpose do I personally serve living outside of the land?. These are honest questions that only I can give a satisfactory answer. These are questions every Jew living in galut should be asking themselves, listening to the voice of Hashem, and not to those who have decided Aliyah is suicide for one reason or other.
It has been a long time hope to live in the land of Israel. all these years of spinning my wheels, looking for something that is not here, I have finally realized where completeness lies. To preempt those who would counter my opinion, I have been shot at by hostiles and returned fire in like, fought with authorities, challenged superiors , protested both in non violent and semi non violent fashion, and lived as a law abiding, taxpaying citizen as well. I am up to any challenge life in Israel has to offer.

Rob, usa