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Start Planning Your Aliyah Now

By Tzvi Fishman
5/1/2008, 12:00 AM

Nothing better expresses the inner unity of the Jews of Israel than the two long, heart wrenching minutes, when sirens blare all of the country and people stop what they are doing, cars, buses, pedestrians, bicycles riders, office workers, to stand in frozen tribute to the 6 million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

Why don’t the Jews of America all stand in silence at the very same moment? Not only because of the Shoah. Because of the Holocaust that is happening in America today. The Nazis killed 6 million. Since the end of World War Two, assimilation in America has wiped out even more. Not to mention the same devastating Holocaust in England, France, Australia, and wherever Jews live outside of Israel.

Face it. What’s the difference between the blue eyes of the Nazi exterminator and the blue eyes of the forbidden shiksa? Only the means of slaughter. The outcome is the same whether via the gas chamber of a Nazi death camp or the crematorium of a shiksa’s embrace – Jews and Jewish children are slaughtered.

The Holocaust of Love - Sacrificing Jewish Seed to Molech

Sure, Cindy had a Conservative conversion, and Samantha lights the Sabbath candles, and little Moshie and Sarala go to Hebrew school, but it’s all a charade. Cindy and Samantha are not Jews. Little Moshie and Sarala are not Jews either.

Look at them all. The famous and the unfamous. Arthur Miller, Norman Mailer, Philip Roth, Simon and Garfunkel, Kirk Douglas, Woody Allen, Dustin Hoffman, Henry Kissinger, Steven Spielberg, the list goes on and on, like the stars in the sky, who can name them all?

"Woe woe, sold my soul"

Wake up Jews of America! Wake up Jews all over the world!  Today, the gentiles are too embarrassed by gas chambers. Today they are killing you with bullets of pseudo acceptance and love. Don’t be fooled by her blond hair, her flashing smile, her blue Eichmann eyes, leading you and your children to the slaughter. Like the Torah warns, “Don’t bow down to their gods and sacrifice your seed to Molech,” meaning to the forbidden shiksa, who annihilates your Jewish seed in the crematorium of her love. Don’t bow down to their customs, their languages, their pornographic cultures, their narcissistic values and ways, just to be welcomed in their treacherous lying embrace.

What’s equally tragic is that, by and large, the religious Jews in the Diaspora don’t care that another Holocaust is unfolding before their eyes. They have their shuls, and their yeshivas, their Holocaust Museums and Wiesenthal Centers, and even a religious university in New York– who cares what’s happening to their non-religious brothers? Their own kids are marrying within the faith – who cares about the others?

Yes, my dear friends, Israel is the only refuge. In one fashion or another, Jewish life in the Diaspora is doomed. Maybe you yourself will get by before the Tzunami comes, wiping out the remnant of the exile. But if you really care about your children, and their children after them, start planning your aliyah now.