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I’m Not Saying It Is Going To Happen. But It Could.

By Tamar Yonah
4/30/2008, 12:00 AM

I was watching the Holocaust Remembrance ceremony with three of my children this evening.  While standing at attention, I looked over to my youngest son who is almost 11 years old.  He was named after one of my father’s cousins that was killed in the Holocaust.  The boy’s name was Yechzkiel (Ezekial) and he was also about 11 years old.  He hid for a long time, but the Nazis finally caught him and his older sister, and killed them.  I looked at my son and thought, how could a man, a soldier, kill in cold blood, a little 10-11 year old kid?   (Listen to an interview I played this week with a holocaust survivor.  It is very moving and has a surprise ending). 

Germany is often known as ‘das Land der Dichter und Denker’ (the land of poets and thinkers).  How could it be that one of the most sophisticated cultures in Europe could carry out the mass extermination of the Jewish People - men, women, & children?

There used to be a whole world of Jews throughout Europe.  There were Jewish community centers, synagogues, schools, neighborhoods, - they are all gone now.  These Jewish communities were around and thriving for well over a thousand years.  Much longer than American Jewry. Could one imagine America today Jew-less?

One of the best books I have ever read was called, “Go My Son”, by Chaim Shapiro.  I highly recommend this book, it is a no-putter-downer.  In the book, he describes how he came from a very upper middle class home in Poland in a mixed neighborhood of Jews and Gentiles. Life was good.  He was around 16 years old and his parents had a lovely home, rich wooden furniture, and he went to one of the best yeshivot  (institute of higher Torah learning) in Europe.   They had it made.  One day, a Mr. Hoffman, who was a German business acquaintance (and not Jewish) came to their home in Poland and warned them about the atrocities against the Jews that was happening in Germany.  He said that the Germans would be invading Poland soon, and that they should think about trying to get out before the German soldiers arrived. 

I will never forget what Chaim’s mother, Mrs. Shapiro, said to Mr. Hoffman.  I loaned the book out so I can’t quote her exact words, but she looked at Mr. Hoffman incredulously and said something like, “Mr. Hoffman, I could imagine that maybe the Cossacks or (some other people) would do these atrocities to the Jews.  But the GERMANS?  They are the most cultured people in Europe!” 

Within a few weeks, all had changed in Chaim Shapiro’s town.  It was an average day, peaceful and humming as usual. Then, they heard from above a humming sound.  They looked and saw the sky dark, filled with German planes coming from overhead.  As they approached, they let go of their bombs.  The city was under attack. Everyone dashed out of their homes to run down the street where there was an underground shelter.  Explosions were heard one after another.  Everything shook. Homes caught fire and black smoke billowed up into the sky.

After the raid, people started to push out of the shelter, they were cramped and had to get air.  Chaim’s little brother, not yet 13, was near the door and was pushed out of the protection of the shelter.  The crowd behind him was shoving forward.  Just as he was pushed out, another bomb exploded, sending shrapnel flying and he was hit in the head.
Profusely bleeding, they grabbed him, picked him up and brought him into the street looking for a place to lay him down.  Most of the homes on the once pleasant street a few minutes ago, were now heaps of rubble.  They found the nearest house still standing and broke in and put him down on the couch.  There he lay bleeding.  In the frenzy, his family ran to find a doctor, but they couldn't find anyone who would venture out during the bombing.  Chaim's little brother's life was ebbing away from him.  He looked up at his older brother Chaim, and he asked him, “Chaim, will I not even live to see my Bar Mitzvah?”.  Several minutes later, the boy succumbed to the head wound, and died.

Chaim had gone back to his house with his family to see what was left, to grab their clothes, and anything they could carry and flee, but there was no house left. All was on fire.  No clothes, no furniture, no nothing.  In just a matter of a couple of hours, Chaim’s life, and the life of his family had changed dramatically.  He went from having a peaceful and well to do life in the morning, to having lost his house, his belongings, and his little brother, by the afternoon.  How could this happen so fast?  To find out how he survived the war, order the book now.  You won’t be sorry. 

And now, are you going to be a Mrs. Shapiro?  Are you going to deny that the cultured western world governments could not possibly commit such atrocities on the Jews?  Are you going to be in denial and think that your life will go on forever as it is now?  Things can change in an instant. What do you think will happen if the West doesn’t get gas for their cars and heat for their homes? When it comes to a nation to decide ‘our Jews’ or ‘our Oil’, guess what they are going to choose?   If the stock market crashes and life fortunes and savings are lost, who are they going to blame?  Who is going to be their scapegoat?  Look what Obama’s reverend is preaching about white people?  When they start to burn down neighborhoods in riots, guess what neighborhoods are the easiest targets?  “Let’s get those Jews!  Why do they live in these nice homes while we can’t even afford to heat our own? Yah, those nebbish geeky mama’s boys.”  Those Jewish accountants, lawyers and doctors who probably don’t even own a gun for protection. Little mama's boys.

Did you know that the U.S. Government has built several ‘detention camps’ all over America?  Who will these camps be used for?  See this government letter below which states: 

"Enclosed is the information you requested pertaining to the army's policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor program and civilian prison camps on army installations.  This information has not yet been published."   

Watch this video below.


Why do they even exist?  I am not saying that there will be a holocaust in the United States, but it sure makes me, the daughter of a holocaust survivor very uncomfortable that these camps exist and are ready and waiting – for someone.  Aw, but it can’t happen in America.  Why, Bush is a friend of Israel, and the enlightened Western Democracies are so careful to be politically correct.

Throw the Jew down the well.

I’m not saying it is going to happen.  But it could.