Oh, shut up, Yoffie

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לבן ריק
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I think we should hold a contest for the most imaginative ways to shut up "Rabbi" Eric Yoffie, the leader of the American Reform synagogue's political SWAT team, the "Union for Reform Judaism."  It is a political movement that seems to want to replace the Torah with Tikkun Magazine.  You know the the sort, Jews who consider Palestinian statehood and gay "marriage" to be the highest priorities for Judaism.  Yoffie evidently wants the Ten Commandments to be replaced with Barack Obama's campaign platform.

"Rabbi" Yoffie is a leading theological practitioner of Political Liberalism as Judaism, a form of pseudo-Judaism and "liberation theology."   Yoffie has a long track record of issuing anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian pronouncements.  This past week he is calling for a Jewish jihad against Christian evangelists, because the latter are guilty of supporting Israel.  Who does not need to be criticized, according to Yoffie?  Islamofascists, of course.  Last year, "Rabbi" Yoffie sucked up to them at the Islamic Society of North America's 44th annual convention in Chicago, IL.  While still president, Moshe Katsav made a point out of refusing to call Yoffie a Rabbi. 

So imaginative suggestions for ways to shut Yoffie up are being solicited.

So far we have:

1.  Stick the stockings from a Reconstructionist Christmas tree into his mouth.

2.  Borrow a giant reefer for him from Arthur Waskow.

3.  How many Kafiyas can he swallow in an hour?

4.  Get him the seafood platter from a progressive egalitarian California Reform "temple" we know about.

5.  Two words: fur balls.

6.  Get him to recite fatwas from the Religious Action Center of David Saperstein at the speed of an old 45 record being played at 78.

7.  Make him give all his liberal speeches in Hebrew.  (Or Aramaic)

8.  Make him give a class on the Daf Yomi before any political speech he plans to give.

9.  Get him to a dentist who was admitted to dental school via affirmative action.

10.  Let him drink every day as if it were Purim.