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I'm Not Demanding Harikari

By Batya Medad
4/2/2008, 12:00 AM

This is a continuation of my wish for a "Yehuda kind of leader."

Today I'm targeting Moetzet YESHA, the "organization" which claims to represent the Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria and those who once lived in Gush Katif.

  • They should have resigned after Disengagement.
  • They should have apologized for their total failure, which resulted in the destruction of Jewish communities and the forced exile of innocent Jews from their homes.

Dressing up their organization with some new faces is just a farce and a trick.  Maybe I missed it, but I never heard any apologies.  I never heard of their admitting that they failed.  Even Olmert has admitted mistakes; though he has the gall to insist that it gives him the right to continue and correct things.  The members of Moetzet YESHA are worse.

I also totally disagree with their claim that they did everything and anything possible to stop Disengagement.  There is no such thing.  There are always different things that could be done.  I've even heard people who claim to be disappointed with Moetzet YESHA insist that there was no way of stopping Disengagement.  Of course there was a way.  The problem is that it can't easily be undone.

We need real leadership, creative and confident, not lazy apologists, not those who have been in power and failed. The Bayit Leumi had a totally different plan, which they never had a chance to implement, since they were all jailed, leaving Moetzet YESHA without competition.  I don't know where they are now.

G-d willing, I'll be writing more on this topic.  Right now I'm hampered by the fact that I can't use our home computer; the screen went black.