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More Champion Awards

By Tzvi Fishman
4/1/2008, 12:00 AM

We know that Rob already won a Champion Award, but he deserves another for another brave step forward, as revealed in this heartfelt letter.

Adam from Monsey, NY. gets a Champion Award also for his giant step out of the darkness.

Champions of Truth 

Keep strong, brothers. Take this tip from the Jedi Jud. There are always trials when a person comes to cleanse himself from impurity. The Evil Prince of Galutia doesn’t want to let go of his captives. Keep your eyes fixed on your holy goal and you will make it. Close your ears to all those who would fill you with weakness and doubts. Go with the Force! 

Go with the Force!


Here’s Rob’s latest letter:

After conversations with my wife concerning the future, we have decided that the best option for us to pursue would be Aliyah. We have a piece of land here we have been working on for the last four years. I have come to the conclusion it is basically a waste of my time to put energy into something someone else will eventually own. I know it would be better for us to invest our energy into building the Holy Land.
I know my cyber buddies will flip out on me, but this is a decision I have been contemplating for a few years now. I am not worried about being killed because I would be buried there for sure.  Also I'm pretty sure my blood is not any more precious than those who live and die in the Holy Land.
I also realize we can never fully understand the struggle without actually being a physical part of it. In my own defense, I must do what is right. And the right thing for me to do is come and join in.
Thanks Tzvi, we love you man, Rob
Here’s Adam’s talkback:

80% of our ancestors died during the plague of darkness when we were slaves in Egypt. Why? Because they didn't have any desire to be redeemed. They would rather be slaves in Egypt, where they were familiar with their surroundings. The same thing seems destined to happen with the final Redemption. I'm not sticking around in the Exile and miss out on the Redemption that Hashem has promised us. While I pray that anyone reading this who is still in Exile (like I am) will wake up - I don't worry about it too much either. Tzvi and many others will keep on teaching the Truth - and the 80% who don't want to serve Hashem and be part of the Geulah will go back to sleep. However - if these blogs strike a chord with you, and you know deep inside your soul that the Land of Israel and the Final Redemption is your destiny - then don't wait any longer! Start planning your aliyah now!