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Arutz 7 Axes Fishman

By Tzvi Fishman
3/20/2008, 12:00 AM

Well the lot has finally fallen, no doubt because of the many protest emails that INN’s Baruch Gordon has been receiving. In a way I’m glad. Now I can concentrate on things in Israel and let someone else try to rescue the Virtual Jews in Cyberspace.

Here is the letter I received from Mr. Gordon, the Director of English Media for Arutz 7.

Dear Tzvi,

Arutz 7 greatly appreciates the fine and provocative writing that you have been doing for us for over a year. In an effort to constantly be adding new faces and opinions, we are replacing longtime bloggers with new ones. Please try to sum up by the end of the week when we will be ending your blog. Believe me that our decision has not been influenced, in any shape or form, by donor threats or complaints about censorship and incitement, but solely to present creative new voices to our readers.

Baruch Gordon

So that’s the way it goes. All’s well that ends well. Everything is for the best. As the great Jewish entertainer, Bob Hope, was wont to say, "Thanks for the memories." In the meantime, Purim Samaoch!

Who's next?