Poor Barry Chamish

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לבן ריק
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Your favorite conspiracy fiction writer and UFO nut, Barry the Chamish, the chronically unemployed inventor of  "theories" for Neo-Nazi organizations and web sites, has a timeless investigative technique.


Above, Chamish with the source for his investigative reporting.

It is called lying and fabrication.

Chamish is incapable of putting more than 6 words on a page without lying and usually also not without several grammar and spelling errors.

Chamish does not like me because I proved that his entire "theory" about the Rabin assassination is a collection of lies.  It is not necessary to disprove his other "theories," about UFOs and space aliens and such, etc. 

Anyhow, to "discredit" me, Chamish regularly invents imaginary nameless people who Chamish claims have run to him with lurid gossipy stories about me.  Actually most of Chamish's sources about everything are nameless imaginary people.  He once claimed a nameless student of mine had come to him to tell him what an awful lecturer I am, as if an MBA student would actually talk to a Chamish.   Well, in his latest epistle to his remaining eight followers, the Chamish claims a female school mate of mine from dem olde country, naturally nameless, wrote him about how unpopular I was with the girls there back in school, and I pulled their pigtails and such.  It is as truthful as anything else Chamish has ever crayoned.

Poor little Chamish. 

Someone should tell him that I went to an all-boys school in Philadelphia. 

No sooner does Chamish get clobbered in court for lying about Ben Gvir and hit with a 36,000 NIS fine than he tries to invent a female school mate of mine from yesteryear from an all boys school! 

How was he to know?  Our intrepid investigative reporter flunks once again.