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For A Change, I Have A Question For You

By Tzvi Fishman
3/11/2008, 12:00 AM

A lot of readers ask me questions, and I apologize that I cannot answer them all. But this time, I have a question for you.

It was announced tonight that America's Secretary of State condemned Israel for planning to build more apartment units in the Jerusalem suburb of Givat Zev. The Secretary of the UN followed suit with a similar condemnation, along with the expected condemnation of the head of the European Union. All of them once again demanded an immediate freeze on all building in the "occupied" areas.

Now there are readers of this blog who rightfully condemn the Olmert government for having frozen all settlement building. Indeed, there are readers who call the Shas party members traitors and whores for sitting in a government that denies Jews the right to settle the entire Land of Israel.  

My question is this - what is the difference between the members of Shas who support a government that forbids Jews to settle in Biblical Israel, and Jews in America and Europe who support governments that forbid Jews to settle in Biblical Israel? Aren't people like this traitors and whores too? How can they live in such places and pay taxes to such anti-settlement governments? Certainly, to readers who don't consider Israeli leftists Jews, these citizens of America and Europe aren't Jews either. They are good Americans and Frenchmen and Germans, who live in, identify with, and participate in countries that fight against the Jewish settlement of the Land of Israel. How can they call themselves Jews? 

This time, I am awaiting your answers.