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News Rules for the Blogger and the Blogged

By Tzvi Fishman
3/8/2008, 12:00 AM

The Rambam states in the Laws of Public Fasts that when tribulation comes upon the nation, everyone is called upon to cry out in lamentation and do tshuva. The Rambam writes that if people continue in their usual ways, saying the national tragedy was merely coincidental, that this insensitive reaction increases G-d's wrath, and brings more tribulation in its wake, may G-d have mercy.

In a future blog, we will talk more about the massacre at Mercaz HaRav and its meaning for the nation. For the present, our tshuva will start with an overhaul and cleansing of this blog. From now on, there will be rules for the blogger and for the blogged. All those who wish to participate in the discussions will have to follow the following guidelines or their talkbacks will be deleted.

Firstly, there will be no more insults, name calling, curses and the like. For example, while it is permissible to say "lovers of the exile," barbed epithets like "Couch Potato" are forbidden.

Secondly, heretical statements will be spammed. For example, it is permissible to say, "In my opinion, aliyah is suicide," but to actively discourage Jews from coming to live in Israel, or from keeping any other commandment, this will not be allowed.

Any call for Jews to kill other Jews will be deleted.

Any missionary activity or quotes from the New Testament will be trashed.

Since I cannot read all of the talkbacks, someone will do the proofreading for me, consulting me for final decisions, whenever there is a doubt. If Arutz 7's talkback approval system passes on a uncensored comment, we will try to rectify the mistake as soon as possible on the talkback section of the blog.

May this change be a small part in making the world a better, holier place.