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As Jews studying Torah in the Holy City of Jerusalem were being attacked, murdered in cold blood, Arabs in the Palestinian Authority/Gaza were celebrating.  We all know the peace process is a sham and that in fact it has been the bloodiest years for Israel's civilians since we signed Oslo.  Enough 'peace' .  Our prophet Isaiah said that the path to peace was through justice and righteousness.  The enemies of Israel have become emboldened by the lack of response from an Israel with its hands tied.  Every time Israel tries to respond to the terror, Ms. Condoleezza Rice comes running to the region to stop us.  Enough of the Bush-Rice-International Community meddling in our affairs.  As we bury our dead, Arabs celebrate in the street handing out sweets to drivers and passers-by. (see video below at end of blog)

We know who the enemy is.  The people of Israel know who the enemy is.  See this video of a near-lynching of two Israelis that took place in Jerusalem this last week.  Click HERE to view video, and watch it carefully as the back window is smashed and an Arab attacks from the passenger side.                     Click HERE to view.

The government and International community try to smooth things over, but even the left wing media this morning was complaining that we don't do enough, that Israel needs to show the world pictures as soon as possible.  They remarked that the Arabs always show the most gruesome photos they can find of their hurt, and that Israel needs to show the world the same when we have been attacked.  It is not enough, they said, that bloody photos are in Israel's publications, but not shown in the international news agencies channels, and that the government must get them out there as soon as possible.  Even Jews who describe themselves as left wing and secular were appalled by the attack on the Yeshiva.

Our enemies celebrate with glee.  They attack us like the Nazis did.  Today (and last night) was a New Month, a happy day for the Jews.  We are in the month of Adar. The Nazis would sometimes wait for a Jewish holiday to round of Jews and murder them.  Our 'peace partners' are doing the same.  They planned their attack on a Torah institution on Rosh Chodesh Adar, the new month of Adar.  Rabbis who are learned in the Kabala have come out with statements saying that if the Jews (are forced to) go to war this month, the outcome will be very good, we will defeat these haters of the nation of Israel.  Let our government grow a spine.  Olmert, this last week came out and in a surprise statement lashed back at the world.  He grew a spine and said:

"I do not recall that I heard from those who now criticize us," Olmert said, "when Israeli citizens in southern Israel were attacked." 
"It must be remembered," Olmert said in responding to the criticism, "that the State of Israel is simply protecting its residents in the south. No one has the moral right to preach to Israel. Israel must take the elementary steps of protecting its citizens against rockets."  "We will take action against the terrorist organizations at the time and to the degree that we will decide," ...  "We will act against those who dispatch the terrorists and against those who harm us. No one will be immune."

Video clip:  Gaza Celebration of Terrorist Attack on Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva

Now, if the present elected leaders of Israel would only see it through, and admit we are in the midst of a war.  I know that the citizens of Israel, left wing, right wing, religious and 'not yet religious',  would go out and fight to finally WIN and END this war, if only they were given the green light. GIVE WAR A CHANCE!