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Any Advice?

By Tzvi Fishman
2/27/2008, 12:00 AM
Dear Tzvi,
I am a convert to Judaism. I live in NY with my Israeli-born and raised husband and
14 year old daughter. We have another daughter and a son living in
Eretz Israel and baruch Hashem we recently became grandparents.
I read your blogs every day and I agree with what you say; both
about aliyah and sex. Thank you for this important jewishsexuality web site.
My husband has an issue with both issues.
He is not anti aliyah but he doesnt see the urgency of the situation`.
We have a business here, and he is afraid to close and so we keep
putting aliyah off. I want to move NOW and he thinks I'm a fanatic
His argument is: if living in galut when there is a jewish homeland
is a sin then why are there sooooo many good, religious jews
still in galut?
I answer him that they are either insincere, misinformed or confused religiously and then he
gives me a look that I'm the crazy one.
It hurts me because I believe that we are supposed to make aliyah
when things are going well for us in galut to really show
G-d that we trust him and want to serve him . After all, it is easy
to make aliyah when things are financially bad or there is anti semitism;
then we'll all flock to Israel like sheep. It is also easy to make
aliyah when Moshiach comes and takes you on his wings ( including your mansion)
This is what the rabbis here teach us. Any advice? Thank you.