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Love Isn't Enough

By Batya Medad
2/19/2008, 12:00 AM

I saw these signs yesterday in Jerusalem:

Who would ever say that they don't "love" Sderot?  Just "love" isn't enough.  You could love it to death.  That's what's happening. 

Olmert's idea of how to protect Sderot is crazy.

Well, what does he mean by "iron dome?" Can it be something like this?

Well, if he's not planning on using it to protect Sderot, maybe he's planning it as a new jail to keep the dissidents under wrap...

I keep feeling like we're living in the Theater of the Absurd, but honestly, it's no joking matter.

And while I'm mentioning "theater," have you seen the new "news set" on IBA Channel One?

It's like they're talking to  "Big Brother."