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I'm Not Afraid of Obama As US President

By Batya Medad
1/28/2008, 12:00 AM

Don't get me wrong. It's not because I think he's pro-Israel or cares about Israel or Jews in a good way. I wouldn't argue with the facts in articles like this one. But... I think that Israel is safer with an American President who isn't going to play us like some schmaltzy fiddle.

Today's US blacks aren't the Martin Luther King who marched happily with Jewish supporters. Today's blacks know that they don't need the Jews' sympathy and support. I hope and pray that whoever is America's next president won't campaign with the perpetual lie of:

"We must move the American Embassy to Jerusalem."

I prefer honesty. I prefer a president who doesn't claim to be "a friend of Israel."

Almost twelve years ago, hours after being run over by an Arab terrorist, I did not feel comforted to hear then US President Bill Clinton on the news saying that he will "stand by Israel." Well, to me "standing by" means watching, not helping. A friend doesn't "stand by;" he gets up and actively helps. Clinton's wife, presidential hopeful Hillary, uses all the code words to attract Jewish support, but she has the same aim as Bush and Rice, placating the Arabs and giving the terrorists another state.

Obama may be more honest about it. I'm sure he has American Jewish supporters, because the American Jewish "religion" is to help the blacks, even if it hurts. And about the Republicans, I know even less about the candidates. As long as it's not Rudy, who knows how to manipulate Jews, I really don't care who the candidate is. In the end they're all the same.

Could it be like Yes, Minister, or more sinister than that?

Remember that the anti-commie Nixon recognized Red China, and Begin gave Sadat the Sinai.

Yes, it's the same all over the world.

Maybe those teenage girls who wouldn't give their names to the police are more pragmatic than all those obsessing over polls and elections. Think about it!