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Makes Pravda under Brezhnev look truly diverse
Ah Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, the home of Gideon Levy and Amira Hass who never met an Israeli deserving of being defended from terrorists, the newspaper whose idea of pluralism is running one non-leftist item for each 100 leftist ones, the "newspaper" that lets its anti-Zionist ideology infiltrate the news, the medium that makes Pravda under Brezhnev look truly diverse. (Levy is so openly anti-Semitic that he just won the "European-Mediterranean Prize for Cultural Dialogue." My guess is that Ernst Zundel will get it next year.) Haaretz' editor David Landau recently urged the United States to "rape Israel" (his words) into capitulating to Arab demands, in effect calling on the US to extinguish Israeli sovereignty. Interestingly, Haaretz is also fanatically anti-American, and loves to reprint articles by American leftist journalists and by Eurotrash about how evil America is.
Take today's paper. Please
The banner headline concerns the assassination yesterday of Husam a-Zahar, the 22 year old terrorist son of a senior Hamas terrorhoid, one Mahmoud a-Zahar. A second offspring of the senior terrorhoid had been recycled by Israel back in 2003. Other Palestinian terrorists were also killed in Gaza yesterday in a day of uncharacteristically active military activity by Israel, responding to the sniping murder of an Ecuador volunteer worker on a kibbutz near Gaza inside Israel's pre-1967 border line and to the daily barrages of Qassam rockets on Sderot. Haaretz wants Qassam rockets fired out of the West Bank at Netanya and Tel Aviv and that is why it wants Israel to withdraw to its 1967 Green Line borders and then let in a million "Palestinian refugees," so Israel will be transformed into the third Arab state in historic Palestine.
Haaretz' Hebrew banner headline today is "Because of the killing of A-Zahar no deal for the Release of Gilad Shalit will be Imminent."
Got that? Gilad Shalit is the Israeli soldier kidnapped by the savages in Gaza a year and a half back. There has not been the slightest progress in getting him released nor the slightest hint from the Hamas that he is even still alive. But Haaretz spins the killing yesterday of the son of the terrorist chief as a folly by Israel, where Israel itself is now to blame for the failure to get Shalit released! You know, the Hamas was just about to release him. In fact, every time Israel undertakes any military action, the Arabs were just about to make peace with Israel but Israel spoiled things, or so Haaretz would have you believe.
To drive the point home, just under the headline, Haaretz runs two photos side by side of crying children: one is a kid in Sderot in shock from the Qassam rockets landing near her, and the other is a Gaza Arab kid upset by the noise of the explosions that recycled a-Zahar. In Haaretz eyes the two are moral equivalents. When Israel kills Hamas terror leaders to put a stop to the countless rockets being fired at Sderot civilians, this is the moral equivalent of firing at those civilians in the first place. After all, both actions make loud noises and scare kids.
Another headline is that 11 Jews families have moved into an "Arab neighborhood" in Jerusalem, Haaretz reports, a place where they obviously do not belong and have no right to be. Haaretz thinks half of Jerusalem should be exclusive "Arab neighborhoods." 
Below, Landau when he is not busy promoting rape of Israel.   
If a gated community in the US were to adopt a policy to deny residence entry to illegal Mexican migrants Haaretz would be running lurid headlines denouncing them for racism. Haaretz also runs weekly articles attacking kibbutzim and small closed Jewish communities in the Galilee whose membership committees do not admit Arabs as members for any reason. When the Druse in Peki'in in the Galilee launched a pogrom against the handful of Jewish families living there to drive them out, Haaretz "understood" their grievances. Jews have lived in Peki'in without interruption since Roman days.