Arrest and Prosecute this Occupier of Palestine

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Now I know what you are thinking and that is that this makes Barenboim an occupier of Palestine, in fact - a settler
Every time I hear about the Argentine-born anti-Israel anti-Jewish terrorism-justifier conductor Daniel Barenboim, I like to contemplate a nice place in which to insert his baton.

Barenboim has a long history of slavishly servicing the forces of Palestinian fascism.  When he is not busy playing Wagner for the Germans, he denounces Israel from just about every venue that comes his way, down to and including Columbia University, while celebrating his personal guru Edward Said

Barenboim's latest prank has been to accept citizenship in the terrorocracy-in-the-erecting, "Palestine."  The Jerusalem Post reports:

Barenboim, who had been playing regular concerts in the PA - the only renowned Israeli musician to do so - said he was honored by the gesture...."I hope that my new status will be an example of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence," said Barenboim as he received the new passport at the end of a concert he played in Ramallah.'

Now I know what you are thinking and that is that this makes Barenboim an occupier of Palestine, in fact - a settler, and as such he should be just as entitled to the many forms of execration, prosecution, demonization, indictment, violent arrest by police on horses, and other forms of persecution that other Israeli settlers of what Barenboim regards as "Palestine" enjoy every day.  Even better, since all those far-Leftist professors in Israel celebrate and promote terror attacks on Jewish settlers as legitimate Palestinian "resistance," they should immediately demand that Barenboim be included in the target. 

To the Right:  Barenboim serenades the late

Professor of Terror Edward Said. 

Me?  I propose that we supply Barenboim with a new Preparation H baton.