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JERUSALEM, Walled and Mutilated

By Batya Medad
11/19/2007, 12:00 AM

While we've been trying to figure out how to save Jerusalem and our precious country, Jerusalem has been seeing a lot of construction, and I'm not talking about reasonably priced homes for all those Israelis who want to buy.

Jerusalem is being walled in.

I took these pictures walking around Pisgat Zeev-East, a lovely looking Northern Jerusalem neighborhood.  That is it was lovely until I noticed the encroaching wall, and then I felt claustrophobic, like I was in a ghetto.

I hadn't realized that Pisgat Zeev was walled in like that.  I knew that the Hizme "crossing" to Mateh Binyamin, the Benjamin Regional Council was next to Pisgat Zeev, but I didn't know that the entire neighborhood is surrounded.

Then I saw that dangerous wall, snaking its way up to French Hill, mutilating our city.

Arabs walk around every where.  They're buying apartments in French Hill, Neve Yaakov and also Pisgat Zeev.  But we Jews are restricted to where we go and live.  The Olmert Government has declared a building freeze in Judea and Samaria for Jews only!

Isn't that discrimination?  Racial and religious discrimination?

The Berlin Wall was taken down.  When will the Jerusalem wall and that entire, ugly, useless wall cutting through our Holy Land be destroyed?  It prevents peace.  It restricts Jews.  It limits our access and security. 

Certain people are getting very rich building it; that's for sure.