Rabin Memorial or Hatefest?

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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I don't know about you, but don't you think it is 'overkill' to observe what the Left has created?  They have made Yitzchak Rabin into a 'saint'. This last week, Saturday night,  a 'memorial' rally was held for assassinated Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.  A previous memorial was held as well a week or so before on the Hebrew date of the Rabin murder.  TWO ceremonies, for one man, TWELVE years after his death. 

The famous 'peace rally' minutes before Rabin was killed.

Now, I didn't vote for Yitzchak Rabin for Prime Minister.  And I think his going after Oslo was a disaster (to say the least) for Israel.  But I would never have wished for a Jew to kill him.  If Yigal Amir, or anyone, wanted to kill someone to stop the Oslo Accords peace process, they'd be smarter to have taken retribution on the arch terrorist with the stubble on his face, not our own PM.  But what we see today in this 'fetish' with memorializing Yitzchak Rabin is not so much remembering this man, but more, a demonization of the Right Wing.

Now, at the demonstration, just like the replay of the Rabin years, posters mysteriously turn up with  (this time) Peres in an Arab Kafiya. Except that we already know who was responsible for those ‘kafiyah’ posters last time, - Avishai Raviv who was an agent of the General Security Service of Israel.  The Right was set up and made to look like hate-mongers and nut cases.  Are we being set up again?  What Israeli on the RIGHT would be stupid enough to show up at a LEFT wing rally with a poster that we never made in the first place?

Today, if anyone says anything negative about Rabin, they are intimidated and castigated by the LEFT.  Just look at this news piece where Peace Now wants a probe or investigation made into a soccer team because their fans voiced their true feelings about Rabin, which Peace Now didn’t like.

“The left-wing Peace Now organization has demanded that a soccer club be probed because its team's fans booed the name of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin during a moment of silence before Sunday's game. Peace Now did not define what law the fans had broken.” 

Do you believe what you are reading? They want a SOCCER team probed because their fans were not 'fans' of Rabin, the man who proclaimed as prime minister that his opponents could continue to "spin like propellers" as far as he was concerned, and said openly that he was Prime Minister of 98% of the nation, not the 2% who so strongly opposed him.  (Another version of his remarks has it that he said his job was to provide security to 98% of Israel's population.) Either way, one could see why he was not loved by lovers of the Land of Israel.  Yet the RIGHT are the intolerant and the hate-monger inciters. 
Could you imagine seeing a U.S. president get up and make a speech that because Texas and Ohio didn’t vote for him, he was only the president of 48 states, and not all 50? Chutzpah!

Could you imagine seeing a U.S. president get up and make a speech that because Texas and Ohio didn’t vote for him, he was only the president of 48 states, and not all 50?  Chutzpah!

I am sorry if I sound overly bothered by this issue, but I am kind of tired being blamed for all the ills of the world.  It’s because of us Jewish lovers of Israel and Torah, that there is no world peace, and if we were only demonized enough, crushed, and put in our place, all would be well in the world.

Oh, and by the way, I am trying to remember: were memorial rallies still taking place in the USA TWELVE years after JFK’s assassination?  I would have been 15 years old then, and I do not remember any giant memorial rallies held for Democrats or the American public, memorializing this man. 

Of course, if I acted like the LEFT, and had famous Israeli musicians giving a free concert in the town square, I’d probably show up too!  (not really).  The memorial featured Israeli performers Aviv Geffen, Rami Kleinstein, Shayke Levi, Shlomi Shabat, Sarit Hadad, Ahinoam Nini AND OTHERS!  Gee, that’s a good way to get people to show up to whatever political agenda you have, just provide an out door FREE concert.  Never mind that the right wing garners bigger numbers at political rallies and we don’t have gala parties with a line up of the most famous singers in Israel, like THEY offer.

I am sure some of the readers of this blog (and Oslo vicitms) could contribute in remembering other 'legacies' Saint Yitzchak' has left us with besides his quest for peace by piece. 

A note to my LEFT wing brothers and sisters in Israel…  The RIGHT wing is not your enemy.  Look over at Gaza, Ramallah and the International community.  We can’t throw as great a party as their money can, but we will protect YOUR homes when it comes on the Condi ‘Rice -slice and dice’ chopping block. We are all brothers, we still love you, our land, and our heritage, and it’s time you knew who your REAL enemies were.