Cut and Paste Biblical Style

Tamar Yonah ,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Tamar Yonah
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I always tell people, if we lived in the time period of the Torah (Bible) our story and news today would have been recorded there, and people would have been studying us, our 'kings', leaders and the decisions we made.  

     "And the New King of Israel, Ehud Olmert was a king who was not beloved by his people.  He made alliances with other kings. Enemies of the Israelite People, yet the Israelite King kissed and embraced his enemies, supplied them with armory, and ceded land.  Woe unto the King of Israel for his folly and foolishness. It brought a great upheaval to the nation. The Children of Israel were expelled in the south of the land, and attacked in the North of the land.  They suffered under his leadership.  But there were some among them that clung to the Torah and the settling of the Land.  They were the People of Orange.  They believed in the Lord your G-d, and they built their cities.  They lived modestly, they prayed for the Temple of Hashem, and their children guarded the land.  They planted and built outposts. They sang and danced to the glory of Hashem your G-d.  The captains of the hosts came to cut open the heads of the children, and he sent his roaring long armed machines with spider legs to crush the homes that the Orange People built.  The people cried, how can our king do this to his servants?  But their cries fell on deaf ears, the supreme judges in the High Courts did not hear their cries and did not give them justice.  But the Orange Children did not lose faith in the Lord their G-d.  They continued to march to the high places where their cities once stood.  They vowed to rebuild the homes of their fathers and brothers.  The children, the Orange Children pursued, and they did not falter.  And in time, when the wicked ones thought they would de-throne G-d and take over His reign, and they would sit and look at their gold in their treasuries, and would not harken to what was righteous, their enemies who feigned to be their friends turned on them.  The children of Israel were afraid, as arrows from the sky rained down on them with thunderous noises as G-d wreaked His vengeance on those who turned away from Him.  But the Orange People and all who clung with faith to Hashem your G-d, did not fear.  They were comforted as G-d delivered justice on all the enemies of Israel, and the Erev Rav from amongst its people.  It was after this that the children of Israel who had strayed and known not their G-d, came to honor and praise Him. The Orange People and other G-d fearing Jews taught the righteous ways to their other brothers and sisters without fear of persecution or verbal attacks from the old King's guards. They taught with gladness and song, with dance and with loving kindness.  Then, together, all the People of Israel gathered together to rejoice in the Lord, and rebuild Israel's cities and G-d's Holy Temple. And peace, a real peace, reigned in the Good Land that the G-d of your forefather's gave you, to be a holy people."

A young Jewish (Orange) woman defying Israeli security forces in Amona, Israel.
AP's Oded Balilty